Our services

Every Organization regardless of its size and turnover needs experienced advisors who can help provide an objective perspective on both tactical and strategic issues.

We partner with our clients to provide customized solutions to their most prominent challenges. Our team’s knowledge and collective experience offers our clients practical and easy-to-apply advice that is focused on delivering results and enhancing their competitive advantage.

As a boutique consultancy firm, we are committed to providing comprehensive, innovative and personalized counsel regardless of a company’s size or activity.

Strategic Management Marketing

Strategic Management

I. International Business Development:
Whether you are a small or medium sized business looking for expansion or whether you are a multinational franchise looking to explore new markets, MECROM Consultants has the expertise and the connections to support your expansion. Our services on this level are diversified and can be as simple as testing a particular market for expansion or can be as sophisticated as expanding and starting operations in new countries worldwide.
We geographically cover North America, Europe, and the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) regions.

II. Market Research:
As a part of MECROM’s International Business Development team, our research consultants will gather and analyze market data to assure that a base of thorough and accurate information is provided to our client to take informed decisions with regards to their expansion venture.

III. Human Resources, Recruitment, Training:
Our Recruitment consultants will assure that we fully understand your company’s needs and will source the right people for your imminent and future functions, needless to say that our training function goes hand in hand with our recruitment and Human Resource functions where we will provide specific development plans and will source the right courses for your HR needs.