Education Management

I. Educational Institutions Marketing:
MECROM Consultants works with educational institutions in both Canada and the Middle East. For Canadian Institutions – we provide a suite of marketing and promotional services targeting students from the Middle East, North Africa, Iran and Central Asia; mainly promoting Canada as an educational hub and a destination for quality and excellence in education. For Middle East based institutions – we provide consultancy for schools and their students on studying in Canada. We also have the resources to source and place Canadian teachers and professors to schools, colleges and universities in the Middle East.

II. Teacher Recruitment:
MECROM provides recruitment and sourcing services for Canadian teachers and professors of all levels with educational institutions worldwide.

III. Student Services:
MECROM Consultants provides independent and impartial advice for parents and students in the Middle East, North Africa and Iran who want to study in Canada.
We provide advice on the following: Language schools and summer camps, University placements, Higher education, Executive and further education.
We provide guidance, advice, recommendations and a suite of after placement services to assure peace of mind and smooth transition as well as provide the right grounds for success.